Surfing in Pedasi

There are many breaks on Pedasi’s beaches to satisfy every surfer – from beginners to experts who can handle serious swells. Playa El Lagarto has left and right beach breaks and is good at all tides. Playa El Toro, best at mid-tide, has a left and right rock bottom point break and is close by Pedasi. Both beaches are 10minutes from the town of Pedasi in front of Andromeda Ocean Estates. A little further out of town is Playa Destiladeros located on the Azueros development, which offers several breaks at medium tide. Playa Los Destiladeros is also a popular beach for surfers as it has a right point over rock bottom, a left point over rock bottom and a beach break with a pebble bottom.

Behind Destiladores is Playa Venado, also known as Playa Venao, the most popular Pedasi surf site beach. It is located 30 minutes past Pedasi. This wide, grey, sandy beach loops up south like a half moon for 3.5km. It is the spot for major international surf competitions. In 2007 it was chosen as the location for the Central American Surf Championship, thanks to a consistent south swell, a sandy bottom, and bi-directional breaks. More recently the 2011 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games were hosted here. This playa works best at mid to high-tide and for swells under 3 meters (10 feet). Bonus: Playa Venao usually has waves when all other beaches are flat.

If you are looking for a break from the intense tropical sun where you can relax on a hammock or have a refreshing drink and a bite to eat than situated right on the Vanao beach front you will find restaurant bar El Sitio, serving fresh international cuisine throughout the day. If you like staying close to the beach, there are simple camp grounds nearby as well as B&B’s and hotels. Some of the countries best boutique hotels are popping up to cater to this new brand of tourist.

Scroll down for a kite surfing info, surf shops in town, swell forecast and companies to contact for surf tours.

Just east of Venao, located 20 minutes past Pedasi, is Playa Ciruelo, a rock bottom left point break with hardly ever any visitors. It can get really good left tubes when there is a good swell and no wind.

Another tough to get to surf site is Playa Raya (named after the big manta rays and sting rays that are found there), just past Madrono. At low tide, it delights surfers with miles of secluded beach, with a right point break on the left side of the sand bar and a left point break on the left side of the sand bar. The 2 sandy point breaks can generate big waves when a swell comes through – up to 15 or 20 feet on big swells. Watch out for sharks: This deserted beach is home to an incredible wildlife, including rays, sharks and nesting turtles (big sea turtles come up to lay their eggs on the beach). So, not just a surfers spot.

Lagart Point is close by…with short, fast waves. It is a beach bottom break that breaks at all tides with some rocks on each end, but gets good rights and lefts and can be very powerful when it is big. When it gets too big it closes out. Also ideal for body boarders and experienced tube riders. Great for boogie boarding.

For a quick surf, if just wanna grab your board and go: the town of Pedasi itself offers a couple of small breaks that are easily accessible and thinly crowded.



Kitesurfing in Pedasi

Extreme water sport, not very difficult and doesn’t require physical power, within a 4 lessons course of 8 hours you can become an independent kiteboarder and start practicing as much as you can.

  • A Kite Surf lessons of 2 hours costs 120$ private or 80$ in a group.
  • A full Kite Surf course 8 hours costs 400$ for private or 600$ in group.

New and 2nd hand equipment is available for sale and rental.


Stand Up Paddle in Pedasi

The latest water sport that everybody likes. If you want to catch waves, go on a SUP trip, relax with a SUP Pilates class or just paddle for fun it is Stand Up Paddle that you are looking for:

Lessons price depends on group size:

  • 1 person 75$
  • 2 person 45$
  • 3 person 35$
  • 4 person 30$
  • 5 person and more 25$

Equipment Rental and Sale is also available.

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