Islands Near Pedasi


Isla Iguana

Thirty minutes off the coast of Pedasi is the national wildlife refuge Isla Iguana – a truly beautiful island near Pedasi. Isla Iguana is surrounded by 16-hectares of protected coral reef and boasts 2 beautiful white sandy beaches – Playa El Cirial and Playita Del Faro. Its crystal clear waters make the island perfect for swimming and snorkelling. You may even be fortunate to catch a glimpse of humpback whales between the months of June and November. Isla Iguana is also a popular mating spot for the estimated 5,000 Red-Throated Frigate marine birds and 5 different species of turtles. Probably the most significant is that the island is home to several reptile species, including the black iguana (Ctenosaura similis) hence the name ‘Isla Iguana’. Apart from the array of wildlife and nature there are no residents or facilities on the island it is therefore advisable to be well prepared with a cool box of drinks and snacks! Umbrellas and chairs can also be brought along although the vast amount of palms and tropical vegetation will certainly provide adequate shade from the hot sun.

The island is easily accessible via boat or panga from Playa El Arenal. This can also be arranged in advance. A small fee will be charged to visit the island. This is paid to the ANAM caretakers whom are located on the main beach. Fishing is prohibited in the reserve, as is removing anything from the reef, or island. More information can be found on

Isla Canas

A small, thin, green island running parallel to the southernmost coast in Panama, Isla Canas is a stunningly beautiful, isolated paradise. The island is famous for its vast stretch of golden beach that doubles as sea-turtle nesting grounds in September and October. During the peak season, there are hundreds of enormous turtles lining this tropical island.

Cerro Hoya National Park

This park is approximately 80,500 acres located within Los Santos and Veraguas Provinces, on the Azuero Peninsula. The terrain here is volcanic in origin which varies greatly from coastline to the mountains. The Cerro Hoya peak is also the highest point on the peninsula. Many rivers important to this area with beautiful waterfalls to explore, such as the Tonosì, Guànico, Cobachòn, Portobelo, Punta Blanca, Sierra, Varadero and the Pavo.

The coastline of the park includes coral reefs, coastal cliffs, and mangrove swamps. The mountain areas are covered by vast dense forests, and the home to over 95 species of birds including the endangered scarlet macaw, the painted parakeet, the king vulture, osprey, and mangrove black- hawk. There is also a large population of white tailed deer living within the park, as well as jaguars and ocelots.

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